How Long Will Your Roof Last? How much will you spend on purchases?

Your roof’s lifespan depends on the kind of roof you purchase. No two roofs have the same lifespan, features, or even price.

This article will discuss clay tile roofs, asphalt shingles, wood shingles, metal roofs, slate tile roofs, and others. You will discover their lifespan and how much it costs to replace them.

How long will a slate tile roof last?

Slate is the perfect material for roofing tiles. With a lifespan of 100 years or more, this roof outlives its owners and remains strong throughout.

Slate roofs come from a metamorphic stone that looks like a fine grain and has all the resistance bestowed on it by nature. The roof is strong enough to handle any weather condition, sans extreme physical disasters. You can also replace a slate if it ever breaks (which is unlikely).

The slate roof has a beautiful and unique structure that homeowners will spend a lot to own. Indeed, slate roofs cost quite a lot. They are priced between $600 and $1500 for square feet.

One more thing to worry about after cost is the weight of these slate tiles. They are too heavy for the regular roof frames, so you must increase the rafters before installing them.
Manufacturers offer warranties ranging between 50 years and forever.

How long will your wood shingle roof last?

Wood shingle roofs have a lifespan of 30 years with regular maintenance. They look beautiful on any building because of their natural look. But the cottage and Tudor homes carry the roof perfectly. The best material for wood shingles is Cedar. This material is resistant to both rot and insect and will age gracefully.

As they age, wood shingles look sliver-gray, and you might sometimes find some split or twisted shingles, which you can repair. Ensure to inspect a wood shingle roof yearly to identify warped shingles that need repair.

Purchasing wood shingles for your roof cost between $250 and $600 per square. You also get a 30-year warranty as an assurance.

How long will metal roofs last?

Where quality meets the price, you find metal roofs there. The beautiful and long-lasting roof is mid-priced and is worth around $155 per square of steel or aluminum standing-seam roofs. The steel tiles coated with stone and standing-seam copper costs around $900 per square.

You can judge the quality of metal roofs based on their thickness. The thinner metals that are between 26 and 29 gauge are cheaper, while the thicker gauge with lower numbers between 22 and 24 gauge are more durable.

Homeowners in northern climes opt for the thicker roofs because they can redirect snow off the roof. It is also more durable than the thinner one. If you live in warmer areas like California, metal roofs are great too. They reflect the sun on hotter days which helps reduce electricity costs for air conditioning. Our favorite roofing contractor in southern California you find at roofing Vista, CA.

Metal roofs last approximately 70 years and come with a warranty ranging between 20 and life. The warranty varies depending on the metal quality.

How long will clay tile roofs last?

Clay tile roofs are not dull and drab like you might imagine. They come in several unique and natural colors, especially the famous terracotta from Southwest U.S.

Clay tiles are durable, require very little maintenance, and remain in good condition for 50 years or more.

Manufacturers offer homeowners warranties ranging between 30 years and a lifetime for these tiles that cost between $600 and $800 per square.

How long will asphalt shingles last?

The most common and affordable roofing for modern-day houses is the Asphalt shingles, and there are many reasons for this reality.

Asphalt shingles have a warranty of 25 years, price range between $70 and $150 per square, and unique makeup of materials.

Asphalt shingles have cement fibers and other materials that guard against rain, wind, and UV rays.

The downward part of this roof has a sticky black asphalt that melts under the sun. The melted part holds the roof into place by a seal.

How long will architectural shingles last?

Architectural shingles are an upgrade to asphalt and feature a longer lifespan and higher price. These roofs are thrice as thick as asphalt to ensure better resilience.

Architectural shingles are more attractive than asphalt. Homeowners also choose shingles that come in slate, tile, and wood.

Architectural shingles have a warranty of between 25 and 30 years. It also costs between $250 and $400 per square.