Pull up a Fermob and relax

As you may know, Paris is a very walkable city, and Luxembourg Gardens provides a wonderful opportunity to step off the city streets, relax for a moment and ponder your plans for the day. Or tune out the world, commune with nature and share a baguette and a glass of wine with a friend.

The City of Light is like the perfect host, always offering up to its guests and residents alike, just what you didn't realize you wanted until it is placed in front of you. Strolling through the gardens, you will spot, improbably, garden chairs arranged in clusters throughout. Individual seating in a public garden? How thoughtful! The chairs can be moved around to suit your fancy - facing a friend or a splashing fountain, or turned to follow the sun. Although they are all nearly identical, the most coveted have arms and tilted backs, creating a lounge effect.

Fermob custom designed this seating for the Gardens, but did you know that you can order up a little bit of Paris and furnish your own outdoor spaces with the same chair? It is available in a wide range of colors, but my favorite is Willow Green, which looks closest to those in the Gardens.

Whenever you're in need of a mental escape - grab your Fermob, and sit back and relax with a glass of wine. Were it me, I'd choose a Domaine Tempier Bandol Rouge 2008 La Tourtine, or Bret Brothers Pouilly-Vinzelles La Soufrandiere 2009. One is a red, one is white (a chardonnay), but both are decidedly French and among my favorite wines ever. Domain Tempier made this month's issue of Food & Wine as one of the great French wineries. And the Bret Brothers organically produce small batches of their own wonderful vintages (with the help of a beautiful horse named Coquette).

À votre santé.

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