Snapshot of Paris

What is there to say about Paris that hasn't already been said? I can say simply that I'm making reservations post-haste to go back next year – and I can provide just a few photos that only hint of the experience of actually being there.

The tower – impressive and imposing – stands alongside the Seine.
(All photos are my own. Click to enlarge.)

Les Deux Magots, located in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés, became a meeting place for the café-drinking and people-watching literary and intellectual élite of the early-mid 1900s. Dalí, Picasso, Camus, and of course, Hemingway, along with a cadre of their pals could often be found lounging here, at the sidewalk tables. Café de Flore, another popular coffeehouse from that era, is located nearby.

Also in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood ...

Outside of Paris, inside the Palace at Versailles.

The Hall of Mirrors, arguably the most famous room in the world, at Versailles.

A view of the gardens from inside the palace.

Back in Paris, the aerial hedges at Jardin du Luxembourg create wonderful allées.

My favorite sculpture in Jardin du Luxembourg.

Laduree''s lovely shop and tea room.

In the garden at the Louvre.

The Temple of Love, in Marie Antoinette's domain at Versailles. Don't miss seeing the hamlet - it was my favorite part! It's a long way out from the palace, so hop on the mini-tram or rent a golf cart, unless you have a lot of time.

Closeup of Cupid in the Temple.

Citroen for rent and drive-by shootings, near the Louvre.

At L'Orangerie, permanent exhibition of Monet's Water Lilies.

More Citroen love beside the Seine.

The Thinker takes center-stage in his own private garden, outside the Rodin Museum.

Inside the Rodin Museum.
Formerly the artist's home, this was one of my favorite stops.
The Villa des Brillants is a Louis XIII-style house of brick and stone, surrounded by lovely gardens.

Rue La Cler.

Jardin du Luxembourg and the wonderful steel garden chairs that are randomly placed throughout.
Inside Marie Antoinette's domain at Versailles.
A cottage in Marie Antoinette's domain at Versailles.
The entire lawn is a flower bed, filled with all white blooms (daisies and lilies).

For an even better look at Paris, get to the nearest theatre and see Woody Allen's new movie "Midnight in Paris." It's beautiful, funny and wonderful (I've just seen it for the third time). A couple of things to look out for: Carla Bruni (the first lady of France) as a tour guide, and the Hall of Mirrors, which appears in a scene near the end.



vicki archer said...

I never tire of looking at Paris......lovely shots, xv.

The Devoted Classicist said...

Laduree! I could really enjoy tea and macaroons about now!

SeaGal said...

Beautiful post and photos...your photo of 'Cupid in the Temple' is gorgeous...

Topsy Turvy said...

Thanks all. Yes, tea and macarons does sound pretty good!

thebeneblog.com said...

Just got back from Paris myself this past Friday and have many of the same photos you do on my blog, with more posts coming. There is nothing like Paris to inspire you in everyway. The flea markets are worth the trip as well.