Charlotte Moss Decorates

Right now I'm totally in love with a shade of green that Charlotte Moss compares to boxwood hedges and rolling parkland. (Perhaps the color should be named Moss Green?) The brilliant hue, which can be seen on the velvet pillows and accents in the room pictured on the cover of her new book, Charlotte Moss Decorates, is lush and bright and fresh – especially when composed alongside muted wood tones and neutrals.

The green comes alive in those settings, and I'm reminded of learning about the juxtaposition of colors in landscaping (from the gardening great, Penelope Hobhouse). A beautiful blooming plant or flower is quite nice, but takes on full visual impact when placed in front of a leafy backdrop. (And landscapes can be just as beautiful without flowers, by using varying shades of green to provide depth.) These techniques transfer of course quite nicely to interior decorating - and perfect examples can be seen in Moss' interiors. Her love of gardening and flowers is evident in most every room she designs. While some spaces veer toward a more tailored and masculine interpretation, Moss especially seems to relish creating rooms that are reminiscent of flowery, leafy bowers – in high shade on a spring day.

An entree into the world of Moss, the book reveals her inspirations and approaches to projects in a way that makes the process seem easy and natural – and her idea boxes are treasure troves (and a great tool that anyone can adapt). You will also learn that there is considerable intellectual thought that goes into every job – partially explaining her reputation as one of the foremost decorators of our time.

I love her attitude about design:

Decorating is just
a background.
Give me atmosphere—
rooms that have
soul, seduction, and

If you missed it, jump over right now to The Style Saloniste for Diane Dorrans Saeks' enlightening interview with Ms. Moss.

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