BIG Shake-Up in Design Mag World

It's so unnerving these days to hear about changes in our favorite design mags. Some BIG moves within the Hearst group were announced this morning by House Beautiful ...

Two long-time editors Lisa Newsom of Veranda and Pamela Fiori of Town&Country will step down, while others reshuffle.

Stephen Drucker, formerly editor-in-chief of House Beautiful, was named editor-in-chief of Town&Country, replacing long-time editor Pamela Fiori. Newell Turner, formerly style director for House Beautiful, was named editor-in-chief of House Beautiful. Dara Caponigro, formerly editor-at-large of Domino, will be editor-in-chief of Veranda, replacing founder Lisa Newsom, who will remain with the magazine as editor-at-large.

It's sad to see anyone lose their job right now, and it will be fascinating to see how the look and content of these magazines evolve under the new leadership.

From The Editor At Large.

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Penelope Bianchi said...

Newell Turner is fabulous.....absolutely.

I think Stephen Drucker is great, too.....and T&C will be even better!

Love that the Domino girl will go at Verandah!

Stir the pot! They are all great!