Win a Room Makeover!

Our friends at Better Homes & Gardens just emailed to let us know about their Save My Room contest, going on now.

Stephen Saint-Onge

Hurry on over and register to win a room makeover by decorator Stephen Saint-Onge. The makeover includes furniture, paint and accessories – and the winner's room will be published in the November issue of BH&G magazine and on the website.

The timing for this contest couldn't be better, as I know many of us are on tight budgets right now and don't have much extra to spend on non-essentials. So, here's a chance to work with a designer and turn a neglected space into your favorite room! Plus, those purchases (thank you BH&G!) will help stimulate the economy.

Best of luck to all!

Hmmm ... I'm thinking that extra bedroom in my house, waiting to be turned into a guest/media room, could be just the thing to enter!


Anonymous said...

I would love for my bedroom to have a lovely new look. It is really rather boring. I have great views of mountains and rolling hills out back. It is a good size room but lacks a "wow" when you enter. My husband wants a king bed. We have a sitting area that has our old couch in it, it is a nice couch but it needs a chaise of some sort there instead. The only thing I love in the room is the large armoire that is pickled pine. I love to decorate but I am totally stumped in this room. I need help!

Topsy Turvy said...

Anon - You definitely should enter the contest! If that doesn't work out, email me and I'll do up a scheme for you.


Anonymous said...

My name is Julia and I am 14 years old and will be going into high school next year. Now that I am in my teen years I would really like to have a place were I can go when I need time alone or to hang with friends and just be myself. And my room just doesn't cut it. I have a pretty small room with two big windows on one sit and a small one in the corner. This has been very awkward to deal with in terms of design. Also, I feel like it is very child-ish and I am ready to step it up a little and really show my fun spunky personality! I also have a tall dresser, round purple chair, and a blue and green polka-dot comferter from pd teen. As you can see there is really no ryme or reason and I would really like there to be. I need help!

Anonymous said...

hi im brooke. im 16 and i still share a room with my 10 year old sister. i would love to have a room where i can have friends over and a place where i enjoy being without the bother of my sister. Its pretty big but is still designed the way my parents designed it when i was about 6. We dont reall have all the money to makeover my room, So this is why im counting on you! I need a room makeover!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it's too late to enter this contest. I hope not. I'm actually writing for my daughter. She is in a sorority at college and the "basement" of the sorority house is in need of a makeover. This is their lounge/TV area but it is also used for recruitment, meetings, family weekend, etc. During rush, it is seen by all potential sorority sisters so it's their first impression. They would love to have a chic, updated room to bring friends and family. They do fantastic community service and are deserving. Please go GREEK and give them a dream room!!!

Danielle said...

I would love a room makeover I am now in my tween years and need a TV computer desk and kind of just a cool room.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Kaitlin and i'm 12,

I really would like for my room to have a makeover! My mom kinda re-decorated but not really! I am 12 and my room is pink and purple! my mom said tt will last me throught my teen years but it can't! Help!!